The perfect solution for
a quick and well-balanced lunchtime..

We propose you a business lunch with an unique atmosphere. Here are our proposals:


fresh, by light and quick taste, our “salad” it’s a real unique plate, always ready and tasty, which adds a huge amount.


Where to enjoy a perfect dish? Unico is tasty and balanced for a healthy diet made from the perfect combination of freshly prepared products that, consumed together, will give your day a complete nutritional supplement.


if you want to face the day with the right surge of energy without getting weighed down, our Dirteticho is the dish that suits you.


If you like both first dishes, but you don’t know which one to choose? Dissociato allows you to enjoy both half & half! Balance and taste in a single dish is always prepared at the moment!


choose your fist dish, for a light an tasty lunch


we didn’t want to give to it a common name because ours it’s not a common’s just delicious our menu changes every day.


Our menu varies every day according to the seasons and requests.

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